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Ασύρματος πομπός bodypack Up to 362 MHz bandwidth in 470/1160 MHz range, Linear power profile:for intermodulation free EQUALLY SPACES frequency allocation Bluetooth 5.0 Long Range for monitor and control, Embedded recorder Ultrasonic hardware protection

Integrated haptic engine

Real time positioning and accelerometer

Frequency rangesfrom 470 to 1075 Mhz, depends on the country (see Configurations)
Switchable channels2400 managed in 40 groups ofr 60 frequencies completely user customizable
Switching-windowUp to 362 MHz, depending on band (see Configurations)
FrequenciesQuartz PLL frequency synthesizer circuit (5 kHz step)
Frequency error±2.5 ppm, in the rated temperature range
RF Powerswitchable typ. 10mW/L10 W/ 20 mW/ L20 mW / 50 mW /100 mW
note: in some countries high power can be disabled, for local norm!
Antenna connectorLEMO-F 1 pin
Modulationwideband/narrowband FM, with digital audio conditioning (FPGA)
Nominal deviation±40 kHz Wideband / ±25 kHz Narrowband
Peak deviation±56 kHz Wideband / ±35 kHz Narrowband
Spurious emissions< 2 nW
Telemetry featureTX transmits also a digitally modulated sub-carrier, suitable for:
tone-squelch operating
remote battery monitoring
optional PTT (push to talk) operation
Noise Reduction systemENS - Wisycom Extended-Sound Optimized
AF bandwidth45 Hz ÷ 17 KHz (3dB) in NarrowBand mode (NB)
45 Hz ÷ 20 KHz (3dB) in WideBand mode (WB)
Distortion< 0.3 % (0.15 % typ.)
SND/D ratio (Analogue)typ. 115 dB (A)rms with 40 kHz deviation; typ. 121 dB (A)rms with 56 kHz deviation Wideband
typ. 115 dB (A)rms with 25 kHz deviation; typ. 121 dB (A)rms with 35 kHz deviation Narrowband
Audio input connectorLEMO 3pin
Audio input levelfrom -36 dBu (12mV RMS) to 26 dBu (15.5 V RMS) adjustable in 1 dB steps
Max input level+26 dBu (15.5 V) at clipping, +20 dBu (7.75 V) at nominal level
Storage mediamicro SD memory card (.wav files - BWF)
Time codeLinear time code decoding
Bit rate16 bit / 24 bit / 32 bit
Sampling rate48 kHz
Managing interfaceBluetooth 5 long range, USB-C, IrDA
LED2 RGB LEDs (red, green and blue) for audio, RF and battery status.
1 LED for recording, 1 LED for battery charger
Battery lifetime indicationpercentage or minute/second
PTT functionPin 3 of the AF connector can be setup to an external push button
DisplayHigh contrast OLED white display (128 x 64 pixels)
Power supply2 x AA battery (Alkaline, NiMh or Lithium), MPRLBP lithium (5.55 Wh)
Power consumption250mA@ 2.6V average (display off, 100mW power)
Battery lifeapprox. 10 hours @ 10mW with Alkaline batteries
Temperature range-10 ÷ +55 °C
Dimensions75,7mm x 61,4mm x 19,4mm (HxWxD) without clip
WeightApprox. 140 g. without batteries (183 g. with lithium batt.)